P&C Meeting Minutes, Monday 6 June

Meeting commenced at 7.35 pm.

Attendance:  Catherine Pederson, Katharine Milner, Nicole Nicholls-Green, Melanie Claydon,  Alexi Boyd, Sarah Johnson, Linda Lazenby, Helen Curry, Shasha Matheson, Belinda Greer, Leanne Franks, Maree Sumpton, Kerryn Binham, Gavin Hunter, Julia Li, Natalie Leverton, Clive Binham, Annie Bala, Nancy Dai, Chriss Roberts, Fiona Nagy, Natalie Leverton

Apologies:  Sharon Schweisfurth, Eva Chan, Jenny Glasick, Tanya Manwaring, Andy Farrell, Claire Bajeus, Pip Thurbon,

Acceptance of Previous Minutes: 

Minutes of the General Meeting held on 9 May 2016 were presented as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Accepted:  Kerryn Binham

Seconded:  Maree Sumpton

Business arising from the previous meeting Minutes:

  • Air conditioning – see general business discussion with Matt Kean
  • Updating money section of Constitution – Nicole Nicholls/Katharine Milner
  • Lego Robotics – see general business
  • Canteen Menu – see general business
  • Wearing sports uniform on PE days in addition to Sports Days
    1. Optional to wear sports uniform on PE Day
    2. Can wear sneakers on PE Day with school uniform
    3. Maree to place an update in Newsletter (ACTION)
  • Trivia Night – enough people for a committee now – thankyou
  • Presentation on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)– see attached


Treasurer’s Report:  Not received

  • See attached amended report .

Band Report:  Presented by Catherine Pederson

See attached report .


Canteen Report:  Presented by Leanne Franks

  • Email received from Sarah Johnson
  • due to work commitments Lily Kang the Canteen treasurer wont be able to continue in the position.  Is there anyone that might want to take on the role? If not we can advertise in the first newsletter back. 
  • In the past it hasnt been easy to find a willing Canteen treasurer so alternatively if there is someone that might want to take on P&C Treasurer role I would be happy to do the Canteen Treasurer instead (but cant do both)


Fundraising Report:  Presented by Alexi Boyd.

                 See attached report


Grounds Report:  no report received

  • Grounds Day planned for 26/6/16 (week before election)


School Banking Report:  no report received


Uniform Shop Report:  updated received via email from Tanya Manwaring

  • Winter stock selling well. Order for girls trousers is starting to increase
  • Might be worthwhile putting a reminder in Newsletter or on FB Page (ACTION)
  • As mentioned in previous meeting the Uniform Shop had a pre-approval for a laptop. Would the P&C consider changing this request to tablet (sub $1000) to facilitate the cross over to an automated system. This tablet would be used to process payments and interface with a scanning system on stock, thereby removing the current carbon receipt system
  • Continuous improvement on storage situation. Looking to move all stock from computer room down to main storage under staffroom. Important to have stock in one spot for security and continuity of ordering. Chris Gates would need to clear one more small section of space – will address with Maree


Principal’s Report:  Presented by Maree Sumpton

See attached report



School photography – Katharine Milner asked if someone could look at all 3 businesses currently have correspondence from and understand who has the best offer – Melanie Claydon offered to do this (ACTION)


General Business:


  1. Matt Kean Presentation
    • Gonski
      1. is needs based, HNPS won’t see any of the allocations as the area is considered a high socio-economic area
    • Airconditioning
      1. Matt advised that there was a Grant called Community Building Partnerships Program that Matt can apply for discretionary funds through of up to $3000 – Grant opens next month
      2. Power upgrade is the issue via Ausgrid. Matt will speak to Ausgrid tomorrow to understand the issue and find out when the power upgrade has been programmed for (ACTION)
    • Mental Health
      1. Big issue that is not being addressed very well for school children
      2. Matt explained that there were a lot of Groups out in the community that offer services and information
      3. Committee advised these are not very well communication and was it possible to get a copy
      4. Matt to send details of Hornsby/Kuring-gai Mental Health Forum details. Can also arrange the group to do a presentation at a P&C Meeting if requested
      5. Parent of HNPS advised that although schools do offer a Counselling service this doesn’t appear to be a priority as often the Counsellor is taken away for training etc and therefore  not at the school long enough to provide an A Grade Service
    • Preparation for expanding population in the area
      1. Parents raised concerns about the expanding population in Hornsby whereby schools are already at their capacity and not enough public high schools for choice in the area
      2. Matt advised that Dept of Education have a demographer
      3. Capital Works budget information for the current North West and South West Growth Centres
      4. Challenges are around finite resources
    • Concern raised by parent around the 596 bus overcrowding
      1. Safety concerns raised as kids are forced to sit 3 to a seat or stand
      2. Is it possible to put on another bus
      3. Matt requested a collated response from the school – Katharine Milner to collate (ACTION)


  1. Before & after school Care Update – Emma Gluskie – NOT PRESENT
  2. Trans Urban – Jenny Glasick – NOT PRESENT
  3. Issues raised again about parent verbal behaviour on the HNPS FB page. To be discussed further at next meeting
  4. Anna Broady has requested minutes be posted on FB Page or attached to Newsletter as she cant make meeting (Nicole to get Anna’s email address to email minutes) (ACTION)


Next meeting:  on ?????? 2016 at 7.30 pm.


Meeting closed at 9.40 pm.




Signed by:  Katharine Milner (President)

as a true and correct record of the meeting.