P&C Meeting Minutes, Monday 5 September

Meeting commenced at 7.35 pm.

Attendance:  Catherine Pederson, Katharine Milner, Nicole Nicholls-Green, Melanie Claydon,  Sarah Johnson, Linda Lazenby, Helen Curry, Shasha Matheson, Belinda Greer, Maree Sumpton, Chris Roberts, Fiona Nagy, Moira Swords, Melissa Burne, Tanya Manwaring,  Gaye Heap, Emma Gluskie, Imogen Halvey, Michelle Tonge, Richard Smith, Donna Westwood, Richard Seccombe, Kirsten Foster, Jenny Glasick, Claire Bejeus, Michelle Tonge, Gavin Hunter, Andy Farrell

Apologies:  Sharon Schweisfurth, Kerryn Binham, Leanne Franks, Zoe Pook, Natalie Leverton, Kerry Alexander, Alexi Boyd

Special Guest – School Councilor (Colleen Meahan)

  • Off the back of a topic discussed around children mental health
  • Resilience – one of the most importance parts of mental health
    • Ideas taken from PPP
    • Physical health, eating well, sleeping, excercising
    • Family values, cultural values – helps integrate personality of children
    • Spirituality a coherent value for certainty and structure in a person’s self
    • Children can too driven too much these days
    • Sensibility from Beyond blue – reference for adolescents
    • HNPS running PALS (preschool to stage 1), Bounce Back (beyond stage 1)
  • Hand out provided to the group
    • Nicole to send out with minutes and put up on FB
  • Set of books (SAD), resilience doughnut, movie – INSIDE OUT
  • Kindness videos done by the school – shown in assembly – children made their own kindness videos (year 1 and year 4)
  • Parent/Teacher may refer a child – this firstly goes to a Learning support team to triage before the Councilor becomes involved
    • Assess situation and recommend where to from there depending on the level of the situation
    • Colleen also works very closely with the teacher
    • Interface between health and education
    • If there is a need to refer on this is of course done
  • Colleen is an employee of the Department, with Maree as line manager. Colleen is also a registered psychologist
  • Maree would prefer that parents go via her first, because Colleen has a large workload. However if emergency or intensely private there is no problem going straight to Councilor
  • A serious trend for late stage primary is internet addiction
  • Incoming kindergarten 2017 trend is anxiety

Acceptance of Previous Minutes: 

Minutes of the General Meeting held on 1 August 2016 were presented as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Accepted:  Moira Swords

Seconded:  Gaye Heap

Business arising from the previous meeting Minutes:

  1. Constable Stephanie – to be organized (Maree will provide Stephanie Katharine’s number)
  2. New date for AGM due to numerous Committee member vacancies – propose to bring forward to Week 3 of Term 4. Katharine to check constitution (ACTION)
  3. New Committee roles becoming vacant:
    1. Mothers/Father’s Day stalls
    2. School Banking Coordinator
    3. Canteen Treasurer
    4. Ground Committee helper
      1. Critical to do a recruitment drive
      2. Communication is the key (used Catherine Pederson as an example – emails)
      3. P&C Note to be delivered
        1. Chris Roberts made a suggestion that a weekly note be sent out
        2. Possible issues around forward planning
      4. Management Committee for After School Care
        1. Class Parents to send out description of roles (targeting the younger years)
      5. Christmas raffle, Band festival, dumpling day, trivia night (upcoming events)
      6. Class Parents are not being utilized enough
      7. Advocates for different cultures (suggestion of an International Day each term)
  4. Canteen Menu – new date agreed
  • Canteen Forum 14th September
  • Maree placed this in last newsletter
  1. Issues with school bus and overcrowding – see general business


Treasurer’s Report:  Not received

  • Canteen treasurer handover to Melanie Claydon
  • Last iPad payment made for this year

Band Report:  Presented by Catherine Pederson

See attached report.

Canteen Report:  Email by Leanne Franks

See attached report

Fundraising Report:  Alexi Boyd not present.

                 No report received       

Grounds Report:  read out by Helen Curry

  • Ross from Council will be donating 100 plants for upcoming working bee to assist with some drainage and erosion issues
  • Helper is required ASAP – will go out to Class Parents
  • Outline overview of what is happening on the day and what tools will be required
  • Northern border discussions with Council – support of permanent pathway between Cawthorne and Rofe park


School Banking Report:  not received

                 Nothing to report            

Uniform Shop Report:  not received

                 Nothing to report

Principal’s Report:  Presented by Maree Sumpton

See attached report


Nikki to go to office and get correspondence (ACTION)

Katharine – Orientation Day/Expo – change of programme – different stations (canteen, scripture, uniform etc. P&C presence required

Make it more people friendly

Kindy Orientation Day is 7/11/16 – to be confirmed

General Business:

  1. Before & after school Care Update – Emma Gluskie
    • Staff changes – Imogen acting assistant director and running vacation care
    • Space limitations due to kick start (1st week) and soccer (2nd week)
      Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri – some places
    • Priority to existing families rego for 2017, 17/10 for 2 weeks (1st in first served), new family from 31/10
    • Team doing a great job on overhauling policies/procedures for accreditation
    • Can AFS get access to the website (Emma to talk to Andy F)
  2. AGM meeting date change from 1st meeting Term 1 to week 3 Term 4 (Check constitution
  • check to see if Nikki has this in the folder (ACTION)
  • Exec meeting to propose the change and then take it to an extra ordinary P&C meeting
  1. Matt Kean has spoken to someone on electricity issues and is waiting on reply (Katharine to follow up) ACTION
  2. Request to start a new bank account – from Vicki Stubbings
    • Would prefer to have a card and the ability to transfer across accounts via internet banking
    • Canteen treasurer and treasurer would still have oversight of this account
      Propose P&C open a new account with a singular signatory to enable the canteen manager to shop electronically as opposed to dealing with cheques
      1. Proposed by Katharine Milner
      2. Second by Emma Gluskie
      3. ADDITIONAL INFO – on basis that bank reconciliations are performed by treasurer and also audited by the P&C auditor ( Michelle Tonge)
  3. Continued issues with the school bus
    • Katharine asked if we could utilize media and local member and in addition send a P&C formal letter to Transdev (Katharine to ACTION) has this happened no comment 5/9 meeting. Maree to send Katharine talking points.
    • Katharine and Moira to discuss a case study re local high school who had similar issues but were resolved (ACTION) has this happened no comment 5/9 meeting
  4. Exec meeting will be held with Maree to discuss upcoming school needs and then bring back to P&C for discussion and agreement
  5. 50th Anniversary update
    • Looking at undertaking some school events and open to community event
    • Flyer out today in bags re a contest for design
    • Prep of a book
  6. Linda Lazenby suggested a working group for canteen ideas separate to P&C to raise issues where people can be heard – first meeting is Wednesday 14th September.


  1. Review of school IT needs (Andrew Farrell) – Mrs Butterworth to provide an update on what IT is required for the school (ACTION) –
  2. Maree advised that she would be happy to train people on the teacher employment interviews – Katharine has passed on names to Maree who would like future training to participate in interview panels.
    All volunteers to be contacted by Maree
  3. Katharine to send out update on P&C
  • Trivia night name change to international fun and games night (Melanie Claydon)
  • social night not fundraising
  • date is now 5/11/16
  • Does anyone know of businesses that may wish to donate
  • Bring own food and drink
  • Online ticketing
  • $15 pp
  • Capacity is 200 with tables of 6-8 (more if needed) – in hall

Next meeting:  on Monday 24th October in the Staff Room at 7.30 pm.

Meeting closed at 9.40 pm.


Signed by:  Katharine Milner (President)

as a true and correct record of the meeting.