Autumn Fair Meetings Minutes - 12th September

Attendees: - Alexi B, Vernonica B, Fiona N, Andy F, Kirsten F, Rob B, Sandra HS, Rachel C, Sally L, Katharine M, Jacqui T, Emma G, Amit D

Apologies: - Beth R (raffle tickets), Donna W (Press Publicity), Linda L (prizes pickup), Seema T (Holi Fest), Shasha M (Gelato & translations), Chriss R (Cake stall handover), Clive B (logistics), Valerie C (Devonshire Tea), Ruth (runner, support)

Round the grounds – meeting everyone


  • Katharine M – will start to round up spruikers re: choc wheel
  • Donna W – will be doing publicity.  Is also a sponsor.  Committee doesn’t think there is a conflict of interest, fine to proceed.
  • Sponsorship – try car dealerships / medical centres / pharmaceuticals (Hornsby Heights pharmacy?)
  • Can we use emails collected from P&C website?  Do we have to collect via class parents?  Rather than wait to collect this info at parent/teacher night – get teachers to organize the class parent early.
  • Communications poistion – needs to be filled
  • Emergency Services – Katharine to book St John’s / completing insurance form / book walkie talkies
  • Katharine noted all market stall holders need to provide PL insurance

Targeting recruitment

  • Tasks that can be done in pairs / buddy system:
    • sending out the notes to the kids : lucky dip / mufti notes / cake stalls / information posters up.  – Veronica and Kirsten have volunteered
    • International food support – meeting with international food parents / ordering plastics containers / checking everyone is happy on the day (WHS)
    • New stall ideas: Tombola (eg: throw rings over number – small clear containers, get kids to fill, prizes for parents as well as kids) – needs to be a game of skill rather than everyone wins a prize on every toss. Or bottle toss – need someone to take this task on … need to think it through, best if the buddies take it on? Maybe a pair of Kindi kids
    • Community groups liaison person – talking to different sporting groups / music groups / community groups / Hornsby players / Studio Arts and asking if they want to do an activity (maybe near the Old Berowra gate or cricket pitch)
  • Send ‘jobs you can do with a buddy’ via class parent, include a description & also specifically target Kindi parents NOW as this is a “down” period before craziness of term 4
  • Target K-2 parents as they are still ‘new parents’


Location Discussion:

  • Discussion re: moving the international food to the quadrangle
  • Kids activities should be near the food area / kindyfarm (somewhere with seating) so parents can watch them, but still have some downtime.
  • Cake stall to stay near the staffroom
  • Inflatable soccer – could be put in the ‘campground’ (they’d have to be in last in and first out as it’s a thoroughfare
  • No ponies – too hard / too expensive
  • Dead space – near the cricket nets
  • Performance groups to be combined near the eating space – further discussion required
  • Kindy kids to stay on steps for their performance
  • Band to stay in fake grass area


  • Add a photography section to the colouring competition – open it up to adults
  • Chinese after school care class – ask if they’d like to perform at the fair
  • International fashion parade? May not be necessary / where would you put it?
  • When using ‘Doodle’ need to have more information describing what is required.
  • Can do an Autumn Fair note for the 2017 new Kindy Expo? – Maree approved
  • Can we do an Autumn Fair note for the current Kindy kids – we know it was new for you this year… do you want to help out… buddy positions are available.  Marie said she’ll get Sharon Gates to do this – just needs a bullet point lists of what should be included

Next Meeting: Mon 17th Oct – TBC

Try to get everyone involved in the room and group people together to start to work through ideas.